Our Bases


Good Ole Sock (fingering)

This is our most popular sock yarn. It is so soft and durable. Perfect for cozy winter socks. The name came from Lori’s grandmother who would call honest reliable people a “good ole sock”. This is an honest and well-behaved basic sock yarn you can count on! 

75% SW Merino 25% Nylon (4 ply) 463 yards, 100 grams/4 oz

Silky Sock (fingering)

Silky sock is a delicious delicate yarn. The silk content gives it a special shine, and the cashmere makes it irresistibly soft. I'm partial to this one in lacework.

Fingering 70% superwash Merino, 20% silk, 10% cashmere, (3 ply) 437 yards, 100 grams/4oz

Alex (fingering)

Alex is available in person only! We dye up special lots of this exclusively for our in person appearances at festivals, fairs, and trunk shows. We hope to see you at our next appearance. Crossing our fingers that it happens soon!

50% Merino, 50% Tencel, 100 grams/4 oz

Tahoma (DK)

Tahoma is a super soft and springy DK weight yarn. Its great for cables and other designs that need definition. This is a personal favorite!

100% Superwash Merino (3ply) 280 yards, 100 grams/4oz

SuperWash Merino (worsted)

Dependable, durable, and soft, Superwash Merino works for almost any project.

100% Superwash Merino (4 ply) 218 yards, 100 grams/4oz

Dakota (worsted)

Dakota is a soft and gentle wool with no Merino. This yarn is 100% Targhee!

100% Targhee, 280 yards, 100 grams/4oz



BFL- Silk

BFL has a wonderful luster and natural sheen that when added to silk it makes a heavenly spin. Produces a strong, shiny yarn with a bit more drape than a traditional Merino. Its a perfect fiber for beginners, no need to card the fiber, you can pull straight from the length of top and away you go.

24-27 microns

75% Blue Faced Leister (BFL) + 25% Silk, 4 oz

Mixed Merino - Silk

This fiber blend is known for being exceptionally easy and fun to spin. Try it and get hooked!

20-22 microns

40% Superwash Merino, 40% Merino, 20% silk, 4 oz


A super-soft blend of yak and silk fiber with strong insulating properties and the shine and bounce of silk. Yak is considered a "budget cashmere".

19-20 microns

Fiber: 50% Yak + 50% Silk, 4 oz

Merino - Yak - Silk

Yak is deliciously warm and soft next to the skin. This blend creates a silvery gray undertone that enhances the color. Be careful when washing; In return you will be rewarded with a lasting softness and warmth.

20-21.5 microns

60% Merino + 20% Yak + 20% Silk, 4 oz

Polwarth - Silk

Polwarth fiber has a longer staple length making it easier to spin. It has a soft skin friendly hand and is noted for its elasticity, durability, and bounce.

21-25 microns

80% Polwarth + 20% Silk, 4 oz

Targhee 100

Targhee sheep are crossed from three different breeds, Rambouillet, Corriedale and Lincoln. This wool is a dense but bouncy fine soft wool. Its particularly great for felting and sock making! 2-3 inch staple length.

22-25 microns

100% Targhee, 4 oz

Rambouillet 100

Part of the Merino family, this sheep produces soft resilient fiber. It's a fluffy fiber with a less defined crimp and has a lofty staple of 2-4 inches.

18-24 microns

100% Rambouillet, 4 oz