The Harry and Daisy Story

Lori dedicates the Harry and Daisy colorway to her grandparents. Here's the story of how they met:

Harry went to Symphony Hall in Boston one evening to hear a rare performance of Duke Ellington. “I walked in the door and saw this beautiful girl across the room,” he said. Daisy wanted nothing to do with him and tried to ignore him all night. She even left early and went home to bed. But Harry secretly followed her and finding her bedroom window sang as loud as he could, “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true…” waking Aunt Bea (and probably everyone else on the block); she went to Daisy’s room and told her to “shut that boy up! Do whatever it takes.” And so Daisy went down to talk to him and this time she stayed and listened. A year later they were married.