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Breed Study 6; Four Different 100% Fiber Types

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Here are four different breeds for you to try out. 

Rambouillet have French origins but have become known throughout the US as a hardy breed. Part of the Merino family this sheep produce a soft fiber with resilience. A lofty staple of 2-4 inches and a micron from 18-24, this fluffy fiber with less defined crimp can produce warm  garments with next to skin softness

Corriedales come from New Zealand and are a cross between Merino, Romney and some Lincoln. With long staple and luster this is a reliable fiber and good for beginner spinners. It has a wide variety of uses and can be worn next to the skin at 25-31 microns

Southdown are a Down breed with a long history. With a docile nature, they are sometimes raised as pets! It’s short staple and micron of 23-29 make this fiber dense and blocky. An excellent fiber for socks, they absorb dye well and spin up easily with plenty of loft

Cheviot was first imported to the US in 1838 and look like the breed of sheep from the movie Babe. With a bold crimp and blocky staple, this fiber takes in dye really well with less sheen than most longwools. At 27-33 microns it's more durable than lustrous so this fiber is better for your more hard wearing items.