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Breed Study 5; Four Different 100% Fiber Types

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Texel comes from the Netherlands and is cross between Lincoln and Leicester longwools. Developed as a meat breed, it was soon discovered as having great locks for spinning. At 28-33 microns and a variety of staple lengths, this fiber is sometimes known as a “medium” breed that can be used for anything.

Charollais was originally developed as a meat breed. As its name sounds, it is crossed with French breeds and Blue Faced Leicester so it is known as a fine wool. Even with its short staple it has a micron of 23-27 so it's very soft and good for close to skin garments. 

Parendale from Australia is a cross between Cheviot and Romney sheep. It is a longwool that does well in wet climates. With a staple length of 4-6 inches and a wide micron count of 28-35 It has a bouncy lofty quality that is fun to spin. Its low luster makes it good for a variety of garments

Falkland is not an actual breed. These sheep are a cross of Polwarth, Merino and Corriedale. Since they come from an island, they have no known diseases and no chemicals used for pest control. The staple length at 3-4 inches and a wide micron range from 18-33 make them a versatile wool that is easy to spin and good for a variety of garments.