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Four Fiber Types

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Targhee are crossed from three different breeds, Rambouillet, Corriedale and Lincoln. It also originated in the US! With 3-5 inch staple length and 22-25 micron, this wool is a dense but bouncy fine soft wool. It makes great socks but also would be a great fiber for felting

Falkland is not an actual breed. These sheep are a cross of Polwarth, Merino and Corriedale. Since they come from an island, they have no known diseases and no chemicals used for pest control. The staple length at 3-4 inches and a wide micron range from 18-33 make them a versatile wool that is easy to spin and good for a variety of garments.

Polwarth sheep are a blend of Merino sheep and a Lincoln sheep (more Merino than Lincoln), which have long ringlet curl-like locks. This combination makes for a fine wool that produces next to the skin softness. These are hearty sheep so they produce a durable fiber. The micron count ranges from 21-25. Polwarth fiber is a joy to spin, the long staple makes it great for beginners. 

Cheviot was first imported to the US in 1838 and look like the breed of sheep from the movie Babe. With a bold crimp and blocky staple, this fiber takes in dye really well with less sheen than most longwools. At 27-33 microns it's more durable than lustrous so this fiber is better for your more hard wearing items.