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Breed Study 2; Four Different 100% Fiber Types

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Targhee are crossed from three different breeds, Rambouillet, Corriedale and Lincoln. It also originated in the US! With 3-5 inch staple length and 22-25 micron, this wool is a dense but bouncy fine soft wool. It makes great socks but also would be a great fiber for felting

Dorset Horn is almost mythological with the many stories of its Spanish and British origins. There's no myth about it’s down like qualities: Very crimpy, bouncy staple that is airy and blocky. It’s smaller staple length of 2-5 inches makes this a versatile fiber for making a variety of garments

Polwarth sheep are a blend of Merino sheep and a Lincoln sheep (more Merino than Lincoln), which have long ringlet curl-like locks. This combination makes for a fine wool that produces next to the skin softness. These are hearty sheep so they produce a durable fiber. The micron count ranges from 21-25. Polwarth fiber is a joy to spin, the long staple makes it great for beginners. 

Romney have adapted really well to our wet climate in Oregon. From the longwool family, these sheep produce a dense staple with well defined crimp. At a length of 4-8 inches and a wide range of micron, 28-35, this fiber is a real workhorse of wool.