AOC Colorways in Fiber and Yarn

I'm most excited by my new hero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She's the youngest woman ever voted into congress! Here's an inspirational thing she said that got me thinking: "We write unlimited blank checks for war. We just wrote a $2 trillion check for that GOP tax cut and nobody asked those folks how they are going to pay for it…Why is it that our pockets are only empty when it comes to education and health care for our kids?"  SOOooooooo in her honor I've made a colorway from her Black hair, brown face, the Blue for her party, and fabulous red fire of spirit (and lipstick). I want each stitch I knit with this color to embody her spirit and passion for working for those who have never had a voice and to make positive change in our halls of power. 

Heres a pattern that would look great with this yarn. It's called Dionne shawl and it's designed byJeanette Sloan. it's available for purchase on Ravelry. Check it out

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